Content Filtering  

Remote Access/ VPN

You can ensure that limited bandwidth is reserved for approved activities while minimizing liability risks and lost productivity of misuse or abuse of the Internet.

Protecting Your Network Against Intruders

Our ClearPath solution maintains and updates data tables with over a million URL addresses classified by category type. These definitions and all future updates are incorporated within each subscriber’s service.

Standard features include:

  • White List filtering:
    web access is restricted to specific URL addresses

  • Black List filtering:
    free web surfing access, except to specific URL addresses

Productivity enhancements include:

  • Usage limits by the time of day
    (example: during regular business hours)

  • Usage limits by how much time per day
    (example: limit personal surfing to 1 hour per day)

  • Wildcard key word blocking
    (example: block all sites with "sex" in the address)

  • Flexibility to establish rules at individual user level, or by user group
    (example: managers provided wider access)

  • Block downloads by file type
    (example: exclude .MP3 downloads)

Backed by ClearPath Networks' state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. We will install the intrusion prevention that protects your entire network from hackers, security threats, and unwelcome visitors. More about the SnapVPN Solution (Flash Presentation Download 1.46 MB)

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