Remote Access / VPN  

By not having the ability to host distributed applications, productivity enhancements are impacted, optimization of business processes are diminished, and competitive advantages are lost.

Virtual Private Network

Our ClearPath solution maintains and updates data tables with over a million URL addresses classified by category type. These definitions and all future updates are incorporated within each subscriber’s service.

Three options exist for implementing a VPN:

  • Appliance-based solution where virtual private circuits (VPCs) or tunnels are run over shared Internet access lines; as the data is sent over the public Internet data must be encrypted to maintain security

  • Network-based solution (ex: frame relay hub and spoke network), which is ideal for larger enterprises who require a dedicated connection with larger bandwidths to run mission critical applications, especially when a Quality of Service is required.

  • Software-based service where a thin client is installed on a PC that is run each time a secure connection is required. This type of VPN will also establish a secure connection through use of a virtual private circuit and then encrypt the data prior to transport. This service works well for mobile employees who can’t bring a router or encryption appliance with them each time secure access is required.

Backed by ClearPath Network's state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. We will install the intrusion prevention that protects your entire network from hackers, security threats, and unwelcome visitors. More about the SnapVPN Solution (Flash Presentation Download 1.46 MB)

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