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Website Maintenance Packages

8 hours
14 hours
22 hours

Plan A $299. annually
Plan B $499. annually
Plan C $799. annually

Yearly Maintenance Plans include up to 22 hours of development and maintenance. Below are some examples of web maintenance.

Web page modifications (Edit / Delete)

Editing, removing and maintaining existing web page links

Editing graphics images (rotating graphics)

Routine diagnostic check and repair on HTML web pages, scripts and forms

Updating HTML Language standards

Offer ways to enhance your site online promotions and search placement.

Monthly Web statistics and performance reports in your email

New development / Reorganizing Web pages to fit new development

Search Engine Optimization (Includes up to 4 submissions to the top search engines)

Registration updates with search engines

Company news updates

Updating existing flash content

Updating/editing existing forms and scripts

Developing new graphics/photos

Developing new web pages

Developing Flash content

Maintenance on storefront shopping carts and marketing

Along with maintenance and development of your website, you also get updates and reports referring to your website.

Web Site Statistics and Reports
(Monthly Performance Report included in each maintenance plan)

  • Visitor Sessions

  • Most Requested Pages

  • Top Referring Web sites(Search Engines)

  • Key Words Matched on Search Engines

  • Web site monitoring for down time errors


Search Engine Optimization
Most search engines will read your Meta tags for relevance to the searches people make on the Internet. Meta tags consist of a “Title”, a “Description”, and “Key Words” related to the content on the Web site.

Web site optimization steps to be implemented on your web site:

  • Optimize home page for search engines

  • Research, identify and create keyword phrases

  • Create meta descriptions

  • Open Directory description

  • Follow up on search engine ranking

  • Submission to top search engines (Quarterly)

Web site optimization for search engines is much more than Meta tags and backend Web structure, because competition for keywords is fierce. Web sites that appear within the same search result as your domain will change positions from month to month. We use a combination of tactics in developing, implementing and monitoring your online promotion strategy. Submitting the Meta tags to Internet search engines is our way of presenting the Web site to the search engine, instead of waiting for the search engine to find the site.


On Call Support

  • Downtime due to error: Immediate response

  • Reported Web site errors: 24 hours

  • Web site update and request: 24 to 48 hours from the time of request, depending on the type of update.